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Knights of Galiveth is a Multi-Character Metroidvania Action-RPG featuring "Permadeath". In Knights of Galiveth you assume the role of eight skilled knights who are tasked with stopping the Dark One, Rhigor. Each character has their own set of skills and abilities and certain areas of exploration are limited to characters with those unique abilities. The game includes RPG elements such as leveling up, improving stats and collecting items. A wide variety of enemies, puzzles and storyline elements will both challenge and entertain the player. Knights of Galiveth will be released on Windows PC through Steam if Greenlit and other digital distribution services.


Development on Knights of Galiveth began in May of 2016 by Lonnie Bonner and Janice Hutchings. The game design, story, sound effects and level design are being done by Lonnie and the enemy design, character portraits/artwork and music are being done by Janice.


⦁ Multiple Player Characters that can be switched to on the fly. The character's location is remembered which can be used to solve puzzles.

⦁ Metroidvania style exploration.

⦁ Each character has their own Level, HP and other stats and abilities.

⦁ Permadeath makes the game more challenge and the character's lives more important.

⦁ Full Keyboard and Controller Support.

⦁ Multiple Endings that depend on how many characters survive the journey.

Install instructions

Single runtime exe


Knights of Galiveth - Alpha Version 1.0.0.exe (8 MB)


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How about some controls anywhere?
I only found out how to move(arrow keys) and to jump (spacebar) by accident.

How to swing the swordfor example?